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 Seth Clearwater (FINISHED)

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Seth Clearwater


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PostSubject: Seth Clearwater (FINISHED)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:11 pm

Name: Seth Harry Clearwater

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: Physically 21 Really he is 18

Race: Shapeshifter

Occupation: Student

Skin: a russet colored

Hair: Black and short

Eyes: Brownish-Bluish

Height: 6’1

Weight: 201

Play by: Boo Boo Stewart

Personality: Cheerful, open, honest, loyal, and sunny. He's affectionate with his family and friends, appropriately, yet still boyish. He keeps confidences, and is young for his age. His Mom finds him a joy to raise (and is secretly astonished he has turned out so well) and thinks she got really lucky with Seth. Seth is immature, but cheerful and exceptionally kind. He idolizes both Jacob and Edward. Edward comments that he has one of the purest, kindest, sincerest minds he'd ever heard. Although he feels vampires' smell just like all the other shapeshifters, he doesn't mind it, and even praises Edward on his cooking abilities. He also has an energetic and self-assured attitude, which is shown when he departs from Sam's pack to join Jacob. Whenever Jacob gives him an order, he would obey without further questions or hesitations.

Special Power: He has the abilitys of most shapeshifter but with enhanced hearing, better then the others

Coven/Pack: Jacob’s pack

Family: Harry Clearwater (Father, deceased), Sue Clearwater (Mother), Leah Clearwater (Older sister), and Emily Young (Second cousin)

I thought this was missing something, so I am going to add a few things:

Phisical description: As a human, Bella describes Seth has a pretty tall, gangly build and a huge, happy grin he wears all the time. His skin is russet colored and his hair is black and is worn short like the other boys in the pack. As a wolf, Seth remains tall and gangly, and has sandy colored fur

  • Super Hearing
  • a loyal disposition
  • A sunny personality coupled with a positive outlook
  • He would be the last person to ever see it, but he has "leader" written all over him for some time in his future
  • Not that bad with sneaking and being a lookout

  • If he can't fix something that's wrong, or cheer someone up, he gets down on himself about it
  • He doesn't know how curious he can be until something piques that in him, and if anything were to get him into trouble, it would be a sudden attack of unexpected curiosity
  • Being too childish
  • Not wanting to grow up too fast
  • Being too nice

  • Jacob as a pack leader
  • Edward as a friend
  • Chocolate
  • Eating
  • Edward’s cooking

  • Sometimes Sam
  • Seeing his sister all grumpy and mean
  • The Volturi
  • Seeing people all romantic-like
  • School

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Hayley Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Seth Clearwater (FINISHED)   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:03 am

accepted lovie, go fill up your claims and get started Wink

I'll change your username after you read this.

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Seth Clearwater (FINISHED)
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