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 Juliette Clarissa LeFaye

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Juliette LeFaye


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PostSubject: Juliette Clarissa LeFaye   Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:28 am


Your Name: Caitlyn Jemima

Your Age: Fifteen



Character Name:Juliette Clarissa LeFaye

Character Age:Sixteen

Gender:male female

species: human


RP sample:Kelly, glanced at the clock. The bright red second hand crawled across the face of the clock. Two more hours and she was home free. But that was two hours too long. Her gaze shifted from the clock to the customer, the customer to the kart, and the kart to the bags. Her eyes rested on the bags. The light reflected off of the thin piece of plastic as she stuffed item after item into them. She listened to the squeaking of the wheels of shopping karts, the screams of obnoxious crying babies. She listened to the beeping of registers and the low murmur of idle chit chat. It all start off quietly enough, just background noise. But for whatever reason, it began to grow louder. First to an annoying buzzing, then to a mind numbing roar, and finally to a skull splitting loudness. Building and building upon itself like a Lincoln Log tower until finally it piled too high and--crash!--Kelly snapped. She grabbed onto one of the shiny plastic bags and slipped it over her head, holding it tightly about her neck. One, two deep breaths and she was lightheaded. Three, Four deep breaths and she was woozy. Five, six, seven deep breaths and she was feeling faint. Eight, nine deep breaths and she was unsteady. Ten deep breaths and she fell to the floor. Alright, so this may not be entirely true. Actually, it wasn't true at all. Kelly did bag groceries, and time was slowly creeping by, but she didn't attempt suicide. The thought crossed her mind, but merely as a joke. She had no intention of harming herself. The only thing she intended to do was bag groceries until it was time for her to go home. Kelly hated her job. Better yet, Kelly loathed her job. She was only working there because her mom was acquaintances with the manager and had managed to get the job for her. It was much easier than having to search for a job on her own. Kelly was notoriously lazy and probably would have never found herself a job. She really didn't understand why her mothers were making her work. She went to school, and she helped around the house. They should be more than willing to foot the bill for her car. But who can afford to buy a teenager her car when a baby is on the way? Though that wasn't really fair, since the job rule had been in place long before Kelly's mother ever got pregnant. It was just easier to blame everything on the new coming baby. Had a bad day at school? It's all the babies fault. Got a paper cut? It's all the babies fault. Feeling a little sick one day? Again, blame the baby. It couldn't defend itself, so it was the perfect target. Blaming the baby might not get Kelly out of having to work, but it sure as hell gave her something to internally vent her pent up anger on. Kelly, on numerous occasions, found herself wishing she could be a normal teenager. Normal being a very relative term. In her mind, normal meant having a mom and a dad. Normal meant being able to drive around and hang out with her friends instead of having to bag groceries for remedial pay. But, lesbian mothers or no lesbian mothers, it was highly unlikely that Kelly Hughes would ever have been a normal girl. It had something to do with the way that she was wired. Part of it of course was nurture, but much of it was simply nature. It was not in Kelly's nature to be a normal girl, she wasn't programed to think or function like most teenagers. And there was her true downfall. But it was much harder to reflect on her own faults. Why should she, when there were plenty of other things she could blame for the way she was? It made perfect sense. So for now, the baby was the root of all evil. All other issues would be dealt with later.

'Kelly, It's seven. You can go home now.'

And Kelly couldn't get out of that place fast enough. She glided down the sidewalk on her skateboard, wind whipping her hair back. If she could close her eyes without fear of causing herself harm, she would have. She wished that she could have that euphoric feeling of rightness while being in her zen spot which happened to be on top of her skateboard. She wanted that feeling that confirmed why she loved her skateboard so much. But it wasn't like that for Kelly. It wasn't something she loved because it felt right, but it felt right because it was something she loved. It was a love born out of convince, necessity, and determination. She needed something to get her from point a to point b that was quicker than walking. It was convenient that skateboards were not only cheep, but had wheels. And she was determined to master the thing that had initially confused her. Not to mention, her other options were pretty lame. Bike, Roller Blades, Scooter, they were all children's playthings. But a skateboard felt more... normal. How often that word popped into Kelly's brain. Normal. Why was it such a big deal to Kelly to be normal. It's not like she was socially ostracized or anything. At school Kelly was mildly well accepted. Forks high school was just about as predictable as any other high school. There wasn't much of a place for girls like her, but she found one anyways. She managed to make friends. Not ones that one would trust with their life, but friends none the less. She wasn't bullied or taunted on a regular basis, which is quite a big accomplishment when taking into consideration the maturity level of most of the students. She was liked enough and known enough and generally good enough to pass as being somewhere in the middle when it came to social hierarchy. But that wasn't good enough. It wasn't good enough to be simply excepted on the outfields of the student body. Kelly, though mentally superior enough to avoid being shallow, wanted what any sixteen year old girl wants. To be accepted. She wanted to be a part of the popular clique. She wanted the attention and she wanted the friends, no matter how fake. Because in her mind, she'd built it up to be something more than it was. "No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man can store up in his ghostly heart." Except in this case it was a woman. And all her ghostly heart wanted was to be the creme de la creme of the high school social ladder. Of course, if she thought about it more, she'd realize it could never happen. Not because they'd never accept who she was, but because she'd never be able to alter her ways to be what they are. Their group had completely different moors, and in order to abide by these moors, she'd have to forget everything she'd ever learned. She'd have to be someone else. This, of course, was not something she would ever do. She could tell herself that she would make it happen, but there was no real question as to what she'd do. Which is the very reason she is at the current emotional and social status that she's it. It's exactly why she was walking through a park, skateboard under her arm, phone pressed to her ear, alone.

'Yeah mom. I just got off work. -- No mom, I'm not on my way home. -- I'm going to the park for a little while. -- Why couldn't you have asked me to get that earlier? -- Because I just left the store, and I really don't want to go back. -- Mom. -- Mom. -- Mother! -- Alright, alright, fine. I'll go get the damned peanut butter! -- I'm sorry mom. -- Alright, I'll be home soon. -- Love you too. -- Bye.'

Soon Kelly found herself sitting under the shade of a tree. Despite the chilling breeze of the fall wind against her skin, and her lack of a jacket, Kelly didn't feel the cold as she should. She leaned against the peeling bark of an old maple tree and let out a sigh as she shook her head, throwing her cellphone on the ground in front of her. Her mother's cravings were starting to grate on her nerves. Deb had a car. This baby was, for all intents and purposes, going to be Deb's baby. It made more sense that Deb should run to the store and get the little things that Kelly's mother found herself inclined to request. Yet, a sixteen year old Kelly was the one who ended up having to Skate off to the store to pick up what her mother wanted. However unintentional it was, she was beginning to feel more and more like the red headed step child, pushed aside to make room for this thing. Yes, we are now resorting to calling it a thing. This three headed, green skinned alien, growing inside her mothers womb. She knew she would now forever be enslaved to this baby. She would have to pick up formula and diapers, and medicine when it got sick. She would have to babysit and help take care of it. She would have to play an active part in it's upbringing, even though she clearly had no desire to do so. This baby was like a cancer. It was going to slowly infect everything until life was so consumed by it that it just... died. The part that scared her the most was that she might actually develop a love for the baby. It was easy enough to argue it and fight it when she could say she hated the baby. Not having to have met the baby yet made hating it quite easy. But once it was born, she ran the risk of loving it. It was her flesh and blood, after all. It would be her sibling. It wouldn't be that uncommon for her to love it. And once she loved it, she'd want to do whats best for it. She'd want to sacrifice for it. And she didn't want to get to that point. She wanted to continue being the bratty teenager her refused to share her life, her time, and her space with this parasite of a child. Rubbing a hand over her face, Kelly groaned, and rested the back of her head against the tree trunk. Then she mumbled to herself.

'I wonder how much money I could get for selling it on the black market. No one would ever have to find out.'

History: Do you know those people who don't like their families at all, and run away... that's Juliette. She ran away with her older sister when she was fourteen, then in the next two or three months, her sister abandoned her. Juliette was devastated. She completely changed herself... from a perky cheerleader type girl, to the screamo band type person... drastic right? Anyhoo, she remembered a story her mother had told her about their family in Washington... Desperate, she goes to try and find them... she doesn't even know their names. All she knows about them is that they live near Seattle... that is all. back on topic... She travels from California up to Washington, and finds a place to stay in a woods for a few days so she can get some rest. (she had been traveling non-stop). That is when she sees the small town of Forks Smile. It reminded her of where she had grown up. the small town of Humeston, Iowa. Eventually, when her feet don't hurt as much, she explores the town, she sees the diner, and the police station, even the high school. It is quite a shame she is apprehended by a police officer because she IS only sixteen and she IS traveling alone...Her Forks adventure is only starting... but... little does she know... she DOES find her family... in the last place she would expect them to be. (Yes, its 235 words, I can't write anymore however...)
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Hayley Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Juliette Clarissa LeFaye   Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:59 am

accepted dear =D

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Juliette LeFaye


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PostSubject: Re: Juliette Clarissa LeFaye   Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:04 am

thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Juliette Clarissa LeFaye   

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Juliette Clarissa LeFaye
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