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 Scarlet Vittoria Morrigan Lee

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PostSubject: Scarlet Vittoria Morrigan Lee   Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:31 pm

Name: Scarlet Vittoria Morrigan Lee
Alias/Nickname: She is generally called Vittoria by the people she knows.

Species: Human
Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
-Skin tone: Tanned

Age: 15 years of Age
-D.O.B: 02/03/1995(DD/MM/YY)

Sexuality (Sexual Orientation): Heterosexual

Play by: Katie Griffiths.

Occupation: Scientist/Author.
-Work hours:
-Week Hours(Mon-Thu): 4PM-7PM
-Weekend hours(Both): 10AM-3PM

Hair:Blonde(Honey blonde)
-Texture: Slightly coarse but still silky
-Length: Shoulder length
-Style: Natural. Ever so slightly curly falling in tight ringlets
Eyes: Bright vivid green with flecks of black, blue and amber.
-Shape: Graceful almond like
-Lash length: Long, full lashes with natural volume.
Height: Scarlet is medium height at 5 foot 5 inches
-Height division: Scarlet is tall and lithe with a dancers form
Weight: Scarlet's weighs relatively little at 90lb(6st 6lb, 40.Cool
-Build: Scarlet has a dancers build with long lithe toned legs.
Appearance summary: Scarlet has a youthful complexion, one that gets her a lot of male attention, despite this she does not wear make-up often nor does she do her hair, she keeps things utterly natural.

Personality features: Scarlet is almost the embodiment of the innocent girl.
-Scarlet tends to avoid dating as she thinks men are generally
selfish and have no care for what girls want and need.
-Scarlet is strong, loyal and dependable.
-Scarlet may seem harmless but she is far from it, if you aggravate
her or hurt the ones she loves she will leave no bars held, she will
give you what she believes you deserve and more. A lesson as it
-Scarlet is great with children or the mentally disabled because she
is so kind and caring, she is also very selfless.
-Scarlet will always keep a promise unless her sense of moral stops
her so if she believes she is going to hurt somebody by doing it
she will not. This even means if it will harm her or the one she
made the promise too, unless the need out weighs the risk.
Family: Scarlet's family is a large group, all adopted as she is an orphan, though her foster parents never told her
-Foster father: James -DorianLee
-Foster mother: Dianna Jane Lee
(Deceased, unbeknown to Scarlet;)
-Real mother: Maria Morrigan Delevetoria
-Real father: Raphaeli Delevetoria
(Foster siblings)
-Foster sister(Age 19):Daniel Lee
-Foster brother: John Dorian-Lee
(Real family acting as part of the foster family)
-Uncle: Farther Thimas Cedri Sr. the Third.

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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet Vittoria Morrigan Lee   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:07 am

Hi and welcome to TTRP! You are accepted, but first, you need to find a real play by for your character. If you need help finding a play by, you can post it here, and I'll gladly help. =]

<3 Katie.
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Scarlet Vittoria Morrigan Lee
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